Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Answer your cellphone without causing a multi-car pileup

First, let me say that I generally feel that using a cellphone while driving is a bad idea. Any distraction, no matter how minor, can be fatal at highway speeds.

With that being said, here's a tip for more safely and quickly answering your cellphone while driving. Before getting into your vehicle, take your phone off your belt, out of your pocket or purse and place it into a shirt pocket, a cupholder or somewhere safe on your car's console.

When the phone rings now you can answer it without having to squirm around in your seat, remove a seat belt, or look into a purse.

Now, hang up and drive.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Manners in the elevator: pushing my buttons

If you get into an elevator, only to see the button for your floor already lighted, you may reasonably assume that someone else will be getting off on your stop.

When the car arrives at your destination, pause, and let the other person exit first. After all, as far as they know, they are the only passenger exiting at that destination. If you try to exit first, you will appear rude and impatient.

Observant passengers moving on to other floors might notice your behavior, as well, and marvel at your logical thinking.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Don't waste time watching the weather report on TV.

Rather than tune in weather reports on the TV or radio, or reading them online or in the paper, adopt this simple rule:

Dress tomorrow the way you should have dressed today.

I've found this works 95% of the time. The five percent where it doesn't work helps you keep grounded and remember what it's like to experience weather as a human being.

Oh, by the way, carry an umbrella in your bag, briefcase, or purse. Keep one in your automobile and at your office.

Don't lock your car keys inside your vehicle. Hook them on your pinky finger.

There's hardly a time waster worse than locking your keys inside your vehicle. You'll either have to wait for a loved one or a friend to bring you a spare key, or pay a locksmith to open your locked door.

When exiting your vehicle, simply hook your keyring on you pinky finger and clench your fist. Do not open the door until the ring is secured on your finger. Before shutting your door, give your fist a squeeze and consciously feel the ring on your finger.

Do this every time and you'll never be locked out of your car again.

About this blog

My wife has always teased me that I seem to have an answer for everything, or strong ideas about any subject, often given freely and unsolicited. I've always denied it, but now I feel that I might as well share my wisdom (and sarcasm) with the world.

It is my belief that the so-called "Laws for Logical Living" can be applied to anyone's life to aid in making the world a more peaceful, logical, and orderly place.

Using the blog as a publishing platform, I hope to write down laws as they come to me. I will use post labels to try to categorize the postings.